2015/2016 EMDataBank Map Challenge

With the ultimate goal of developing recommendations for validation criteria for 3DEM maps deposited to the EM Data Bank (EMDB) and map-derived model deposited to Protein Data Bank (PDB), EMDataBank is hosting community-wide challenges to critically evaluate 3DEM methods.  Six challenge targets are based on recently described 3DEM single particle structure determinations.

The challenge targets can be viewed interactively by clicking on the images below.


Not Available2015-11-01 18_17_56-EMD 5001 by Protein Simulation - 3D model - Sketchfab

1. GroEL in silico

eLife 4 (2015)2015-11-01 15_52_40-Sketchfab For Science - 2. T20S Proteasome (EMD-6287)

2. T20S Proteasome (EMD-6287)

SCIENCE 346 (2014)2015-11-01 16_04_28-Sketchfab For Science - 3. Apo-Ferritin (EMD-2788)

3. Apo-Ferritin (EMD-2788)

NATURE 504 (2013)2015-11-01 15_41_40-Sketchfab For Science - 4. TRPV1 Channel (EMD-5778)

4. TRPV1 Channel (EMD-5778)

eLife 3 (2014)2015-11-01 16_47_23-Sketchfab For Science - 5. 80S Ribosome (EMD-2660)

5. 80S Ribosome (EMD-2660)

Nature Commun. 5 (2014)2015-11-01 17_11_11-Sketchfab For Science - 6. Brome Mosaic Virus (EMD-6000)

6. Brome Mosaic Virus (EMD-6000)

PROC.NAT.ACAD.SCI.USA (2014)2015-11-01 17_35_28-Sketchfab For Science - 7. β-Galactosidase (EMD-5995)

7. β-Galactosidase (EMD-5995)