67 kDa isoform of Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase

RCSB Protein Data Bank PDB ID: 2OKJ  primary research article cited below:

GABA production by glutamic acid decarboxylase is regulated by a dynamic catalytic loop.

Fenalti, G.,  Law, R.H.P.,  Buckle, A.M.,  Langendorf, C.,  Tuck, K.,  Rosado, C.J.,  Faux, N.G.,  Mahmood, K.,  Hampe, C.S.,  Banga, J.P.,  Wilce, M.,  Schmidberger, J.,  Rossjohn, J.,  El-Kabbani, O.,  Pike, R.N.,  Smith, A.I.,  Mackay, I.R.,  Rowley, M.J.,  Whisstock, J.C.
Journal: (2007) Nat.Struct.Mol.Biol. 14: 280-286
PubMed: 17384644  
DOI: 10.1038/nsmb1228  
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Figure 1.  GAD 67 (PDB ID: 2OKJ) imported and annotated Sketchfab

PubMed Abstract:

Importing RCSB Protein Databank Files into  Sketchfab

RCSB Protein Data Bank file PDB ID: 2OJK was downloaded and imported into UCSF-CHIMERA.    The models were uploaded to Sketchfab (SF) directly from Chimera, using the Chimera-SF plugin (currently in beta-testing phase).

Once the model was imported, lighting and background image were adjusted.  The surface protein was made semi-transparent using the SF material editor. The  generated embed code was copied and pasted onto this page (see Fig. 1).  Click the “Play” button to start the interactivity.

Use the arrows located on the bottom of the viewer ( arows) to navigate to the various positions!


Differential expression of glutamic acid decarboxylase in rat and human islets.

Petersen JS1, Russell S, Marshall MO, Kofod H, Buschard K, Cambon N, Karlsen AE, Boel E, Hagopian WA, Hejnaes KR, et al.