Interactive Animations

Sketchfab recently announced that it has become an official partner of Microsoft HoloLens, along with other amazing organizations such as NASA, Disney, Unity and Autodesk. The HoloLens was unveiled in January of this year. This device lets you bring virtual objects and scenes into your own environment, the best of both worlds between VR and AR.


2015-11-01 19_38_25-Sketchfab For Science - Sketchfab Animation – Using Physics EnginesPhysics engines

2015-11-01 19_42_14-Sketchfab For Science - Fire, Smoke and Special FX in Sketchfab

Special Effects

2015-11-01 19_46_58-T7 Test Rig & Animation by Protein Simulation - 3D model - Sketchfab

Animating Cryo-EM Structures

2015-11-01 19_49_54-Sketchfab For Science - Sketchfab Animation Test – Ragdoll and Objects

Accident Simulation

2015-11-01 19_59_16-Sketchfab For Science - ATP SYNTHASE INTERACTIVE ANIMATION

Biological Animations

2015-11-01 20_05_46-Sketchfab For Science - Sketchfab and 2D Animation

2D Animations

2015-11-01 20_10_44-Sketchfab For Science - Sketchfab Animation Test – Camera Motion

Fly-through Animations

2015-11-01 20_19_23-Sketchfab For Science - Microsoft & SketchfabCharacter Animations