The NADPH binding site on beef liver catalase.

The NADPH binding site on beef liver catalase.

Fita, I.,  Rossmann, M.G.

Journal: (1985) Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.USA 82: 1604-1608

PubMed: 3856839  

Figure 1.  Catalase  (PDB_ID: 8CAT) imported into Sketchfab.

PubMed Abstract:

Beef liver and human erythrocyte catalases (EC bind NADP tenaciously [Kirkman, H. N. & Gaetani, G. F. (1984) Proc.Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 81, 4343-4348]. The position of NADP on beef liver catalase corresponds to the carboxyl-terminal polypeptidehinge in Penicillium vitale fungal catalase, which connects the common catalase structure to the additional flavodoxin-like domain.In contrast to nearly all other known structures of protein-bound NADP, NAD, and FAD, the NADP molecule of beef liver catalase isfolded into a right-handed helix and bound, in part, in the vicinity of the carboxyl end of two alpha-helices. A water molecule (W7)occupies a pseudosubstrate site close to the C4 position of the nicotinamide and is hydrogen bonded to His-304. Although theNADP and heme groups approach each other to within 13.7 A, there is no direct interaction. The function of the NADP remains amystery.

Animals, Binding Sites, Catalase, Cattle, Liver, Molecular Conformation, NADP, Protein ConformationRelated Structures:
Primary Citation of:  7CAT   8CAT

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