Using Sketchfab Interactive 3D Learning Objects in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is a well-established platform used for creating robust e-learning content.  Recently, they announced the release of their online Learning management system (LMS) which can be used in conjunction with content created in Captivate.

As shown, below Sketchfab interactive learning objects can easily be incorporated into Adobe Captivate.

Full Screen

We are currently developing methods for integrating the objects within the Sketchfab viewer directly to various LMS(s).

Using newly release Adobe Captivate Prime, we embedded the above course and tested the LMS.  The above Captivate file was uploaded and incorporated into their LMS system.  The system allows other people to sign-in and take the course.  Likewise, quizzes and other features can be added.

2015-12-07 09_26_18-Admin - Course Overview